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We take a 2 step approach to strengthening our relationship with you so that you can experience improved outcomes for your business:

The “Dynamic-Duo” Approach

1st Component: “The Sneak Peak Package”
We focus our I’s on identifying areas for “Improvement” with rational analysis to promote an evidence based approach to take creative ideas and mold them into workable solutions.

2nd Component: “The Longer Look”
We focus our I’s on an “Innovative” outlook that encourages free thinking to challenge conventional barriers in problem solving.

We take a 2 step approach to strengthening our relationship with you so that you can experience improved outcomes for your business:

The Sneak Peak

11⁄2 days - $768.00

The best way to start something new is always with a Fresh Set of I’s. In our experience, we’ve learnt that if you want to see improved results you rst must be open to viewing your business with a new lens.

We pride ourselves on outlining your current landscape by spending time walking in your customer’s shoes. In this package, we focus our I’s on:

  • Completing a Walk About / Site Visit
  • Scanning your Marketing & Media Presence
  • Identi cation of potential Threats/Opportunities
  • Scan of Health & Safety Risks
  • Compiling a Comprehensive Capture Document
  • Follow up visit
  • Dissemination of the Capture Document
The Sneak Peak - 1.5 Days

The Longer Look

Inclusive of the “Sneak Peak” - $1,18700

The 2nd step – We focus our “I’s on: Providing our customers with a further look into their business with a:

  • Team & Customer engagement initiative: Facilitation of activities which support the identi cation of the disconnect/gap between the multiple “lens’s” of your stakeholders: “What Management Thinks vs What The Team Thinks vs. What the Customer Thinks”
  • Detailed Variance Report
  • Decision Mapping support; identi cation of opportunities for improvement.

1/2 Day and Full Day Courses

1⁄2 day - $395.00 | Full day - $768.00

The following courses can be offered in both half day and full day format. Each Course includes a pre-session consultation to ensure the content is tailored to the current landscape and business needs of your organization.

Fresh Set of I’s in Leadership:

Whose Boat Would you Get in?: Keeping Leadership Afoat!

Fresh Set of I’s in Customer Service:

  • No Such Thing as Customer Service!
  • Your Aging Customer: Dynamic Approaches to understanding & relating to Older Adults
  • Compassionate I’s: What it means to truly be in your guests shoes

Fresh Set of I’s in Sales:

  • “Submarines to Sales”: Exploring the potency of staying on Purpose
  • “Closers are close to being Losers!”: The dangers of focusing on the Objective!

The 3 Day Course


Fresh Set of Sales: Sales Team Development

Let us introduce you to our “F.R.E.S.H”-philosophy to Sales.

This 3 day comprehensive course will provide your team with a new way of working, which turns the typical sales process upside-down.

By The Hour

$87.00 / hour

Rapidly changing business needs means keeping pace with the competition while ensuring “lean practices”. We can support you in utilizing the right resource at the right time, for the right price, for the right job.

The following are areas of your business that we are able to support on a project based initiative. We believe that utilizing these services in short bursts throughout the year will yield a high nancial return resulting in well informed, sustainable business practices.

  • “Under Cover” Guest: Discovering the Disconnect
  • “Under Cover” Boss: What’s Really Happening When you aren’t there?
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Decision Sprints for Innovative Solutions
  • Health & Safety Scan: “Threats & Opportunities”
By The Hour

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